Conclusion of unit 5,6,and 7

21 May

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Conclusion of unit 5


The terms market and marketing have several meaning,the terms stock market refers to the buying and shelling os shares in corporations as well as oher activities related to stock trading and pricing.The important stock market in the world are in London,Geneva,Etc.

The meaning of marketing in the past is emphasized sales.Marketing was the task of figuring out how to sell product.Selling would be accomplished by sales promotion which included advertising and personal selling.

And now  the concept of modern marketing encompasses all of the activities mentioned,but it based on different set of principles.It subscribes the nation that production can be economically justified only by consumption.In the other word, goods only produced if they can be sold.Therefore,the producer should consider who is going to buy product-or what the market for the product before it begins to producted.This is very different from making the product and thinking how to sell it.

But basically modern marketing involves four things that is selling the correct product at the proper place,selling it at the price determined by demand,satisfying a consumer,and producig the profit.

Conclusion of unit 6

The four P’S

The for  P’S is product,placement,price,and promotion.Each one plays a vital role in the success or failure of that marketing operation.The product element of marketing refers to the good or service that a company want to sell.This often involves research and development of a new product,potential market,testing of product to insure the quality,and then introduction to the market.

And next price,a companny consider the price to charge for its product.There are three pricing options that company may take : above,with,or below that prices thats is competitors are charging

The third element of the marketing is placement.Placement involves getting product to the costumers this ttake place through the channelc of distribution.

Finally ,Communication about the product take place between buyer and seller.This communications is known as promotion.There are two major ways promotion occurs:through personal selling,as in department store,through advertising,as in newspaper or magazine

Conclusion of unit 7

The target market

The marketing strategies of determining product,price,placement,and promotion are not planned in isolation.Marketing analist often look at combination of these four factor.This combination of  four P’s is known as the marketing mix.The element of marketing mix is focus o the costumers.Ans the group costumers who will probably buy the product is known as target market.

A successful of marketing mix is deppennds on the knowledge about costumers and their buying habits to gained through market research as well as correct indentification of the target market.Strategies of product,price,placement,and promotion are blended in order to reach a chosen group of consumers

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